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New Online Boutique Store, Daloo3a


Looking for an original online boutique is somewhat difficult, with the likes of Asos and Very all competing for our attention with their high street brands and designs. However, I stumbled across a little gem whilst I was looking for new, unique clothing from emerging designers, and I found E-boutique, Daloo3a.

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Midi Rings – Summer Jewellery

One of the simplest and inexpensive ways of updating your accessory collection this summer is by snapping up a few midi rings. These little trinkets are having a fashion moment, and have been one of my favourite styles of rings since I caught ‘Phoebe Buffay’ sporting them on one of her adorned hands in the series Friends.

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Gold Ankle Cuffs – New Summer Trend

We have bracelets for our wrists, so why not our ankles?

A new trend has been surging across the realms of social media, and it seems to be an adaptation of the cuff in an anklet form. It sounds a little unorthodox compared to the typical wrist cuff; however these little trinkets are fast becoming a new trend sensation.

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Student Summer Holiday Essentials

As a cash-stricken student I know that those crucial holiday requirements are a must this summer, however they always seem to come with a hefty pricetag. I’ve scoured and searched to find the five ultimate essentials all for under £20, so whether you’re off to the party island Ibiza or a relaxing getaway in France these are my top picks for you.

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