New Online Boutique Store, Daloo3a


Looking for an original online boutique is somewhat difficult, with the likes of Asos and Very all competing for our attention with their high street brands and designs. However, I stumbled across a little gem whilst I was looking for new, unique clothing from emerging designers, and I found E-boutique, Daloo3a.

As I scrolled through their site I noticed a re-occurring theme; that their primary purpose is to showcase new and emerging designers, so that they can gain some publicity within this competitive yet lucrative industry. The site serves as a great new platform, giving us customers a chance to sample premium items that are especially unique from other items on the high street. Thank goodness, we can finally go out without fretting that someone else may have our Zara shirt!


The site is a precious treasure trove of all things feminine and luxurious, without the hefty price tag, rejoice! There is a great balance of low priced items from contemporary designer Numph to more expensive pieces that are certainly worth the investment. There is also a fantastic variety on offer, from jewellery, clothing, footwear and homeware, all of which has been stocked not just from the UK, but the Middle-East and Asia too.

Lana Khoury, one of the co-founders of the new online store, told me her inspiration behind Daloo3a was her love of travelling: “I enjoy travelling around the world and experiencing new cultures, and I love to buy myself clothes from different countries, because they are so different from anything back in the UK.”


Daloo3a is based in London, where Lana and her partner Mohammed Saeed noticed there was a gap in the market for this type of boutique. “I wanted to reach out to a new female audience, and give them something a little different from what’s on offer on the high street.” The brand’s name, which is pronounced ‘da-loo-ah,’ is an Arabic word meaning spoiled but in a cute way, which I believe enforces their ideal, contemporary female audience.

I felt I had to share this new site with you, so check it out and let me know what you think!

Daloo3a – Premium Online Boutique

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