Gold Ankle Cuffs – New Summer Trend

We have bracelets for our wrists, so why not our ankles?

A new trend has been surging across the realms of social media, and it seems to be an adaptation of the cuff in an anklet form. It sounds a little unorthodox compared to the typical wrist cuff; however these little trinkets are fast becoming a new trend sensation.


It has all stemmed from the new Saint Laurent ankle cuff pumps Kim Kardashian was seen wearing a few months back. I know it has taken a while to find an alternative, but eBay sellers have taken heed to this crucial requirement so we students can stay on top of things! It comes in the form of a simple metal ankle bracelet at a price of just £1.68. Now I think we would all prefer to pay just a few pounds compared to the soaring price tag those Saint Laurent courts come with.

If you fancy snapping one up from eBay there are also other colours to choose from, including pearly silver and slick black however, gold is my personal favourite. Team the simple cuff with flat ankle boots and a dress to add a luxurious element to a casual outfit, or use it against some black ankle strap courts to rival Kim Kardahian’s style.



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