Sale Slides for Expensive Stores on the High Street

high street

A recent survey has shown that 75% of people now prefer to buy cheaper clothes, compared to the more expensive varieties on offer. The survey was taken with students from the Anglia Ruskin University, conducted by Pick and Mix, which found that over half who took part, did not shop in pricier stores on the high street.

Many people have the misconception that we need to spend large chunks of money on clothes to look good. However, this is not the case, it is up to you how you look in your choice of clothing and it is all about being creative.

In 2012 French Connection revealed that their sales figures dropped by 7%, causing many cheaper stores to profit on their misfortune. With high-end, high street giants, failing to improve sales figures, many people are now turning to cheaper stores to get their much needed fashion essentials.

Becky Bird, a student from the university, said: “I don’t really see the attraction of buying pricey clothes. These stores may claim that their clothes are of a better quality, but you could always buy a sheer blouse and get home and find that a hole has appeared due to the thin material.”

It is not necessarily true that you cannot find good quality clothes from cheaper stores, for instance high street chain New Look offers great value for your money. With the store offering well-made shoes and unique jewellery styles that help to enhance that creative spin within a student’s wardrobe.

By contrast, within the survey taken by Pick and Mix, 25% still said that they preferred high quality clothes from expensive shops. Holly Turner, a student from the University of Hertfordshire, told me: “I prefer splashing out on one expensive item, for example a dress or bag, which I will be able to wear for ages due to the quality in which it’s made. I like knowing that I can buy a top from Topshop knowing that it will last for ages.”

Although this statement may prove to be true in some cases, students especially do not have big bank accounts, meaning more are finding new and innovative ways to expand their wardrobe. High-end, high street stores, such as French Connection, may be offering more luxurious pieces but alongside that are their hefty price tags. With this in mind, it proves that the quality of the clothing is not always as important as the amount you are spending.


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