Kiss Chase – Lipstick trends

lipstick6This winter lipsticks have had a serious upgrade, making the lip a style sensation. Having a bold lip helps to finish off a great look and at the moment there are a generous variety out there to choose from, all with a little pricetag.

As the colder months are still lingering, it is even more important to ensure your lips are in good condition and that you are looking after them as much as possible, therefore a lipstick with a nourishing product in it is essential.

Pale Impact
This season nudes are a great colour that looks fantastic on a lip. This colour helps to create a subtle, sophisticated look but one that also has maximum impact. L’Oreal’s Blush in Nude which is priced at £8.19 works well; it is also enriched with vitamin E which helps to stop your lips from drying out. Slick the colour across your lips to create a luscious pout and for ultimate staying power, blot the lipstick with a piece of tissue and then finally apply one more coat.

Berry Blue
Darker lips are perfect during this season as they suit the wintery blues we all get during these months, and this colour is a great way to improve our spirit this season. Max Factor’s Lipfinity Lip Tint, priced at £6.99, uses intense pigments to create a lightweight feel, but also creates a great matte effect. A great shade for this is Berry Burst which really strengthens and intensifies any look. The pen is also made with a water base formula, meaning lips stay nourished too. Two products for the price of one!

Scarlet Lady
Red lipsticks have always been a popular colour and one that is permanently used on the catwalk to emphasise an outfit. However as popular as this colour is, the tones within the lipstick always change to suit the ever-changing seasons. There is a great variety to choose from, and Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Matte Collection by Kate Moss has a fantastic brick red lipstick in 101, priced at only £5.49, which creates a gorgeous, velvety look. This range of lipsticks is amazing as they stay on for hours! A matte lipstick is also a huge trend for the winter season, so this lipstick ensures you are up to date with the latest trends and ensures your lips look fabulous.

Pretty in Pink
Another look this year that is essential is the English Rose, which embraces the girly side of everyone, (even mine.) Rimmel’s moisture renew lipstick in Latino creates this look effortlessly at a price of £6.29, as it covers the lip in a beautiful vintage pink colour, which instantly brightens up anyone’s face. It also includes three intense moisturising agents that ensure your lips feel up to 70 per cent more hydrated.

Mirror Metallic
Finally there needs to be a lipstick to complete every lady’s evening outfit and a metallic lip does this perfectly. Max Factor’s Flipstick Colour Effect creates the most extravagant lip that is available from your local beauty store at just £8.49. The Flipstick in Salsa Red does this and the application process is simple to do. Firstly use the creamy shade to cover your lip and then used the shimmery shade to blend over the top, and voila! You’ve instantly got a bold, contrasting metallic lip without the designer pricetag.


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