Killer Heels – A new craze

high heelsJade Burke investigates the new craze in astonishingly high heels that results in many women having an operation to release the pain

Women love to look good and feel glamorous, and many are able to fulfil this by wearing towering heels on a daily basis. The infamous Louboutin stiletto is accountable for the craze of high-heels and many women now undergo a medical procedure to enable them to wear these heels for longer. Yes you heard it right – an operation so feet are more comfortable when wearing stilettos. This new operation has been given the name, ‘The Loub Job,’ after the designer, and is fast becoming as popular as the shoes itself.

Christian Louboutin is without a doubt, one of the most famous footwear designers, due to his signature red sole that is used on every pair made. The styles often have a stiletto heel and usually have a ridiculous six inch heel, which is unbearable for many women to wear during their day-to-day jobs. Because of this, a new operation offering pain release has been introduced. Celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole are also responsible for the new trend as they are often pictured teetering around in their five or six inch high stilettos on the red carpet. But let’s be honest, they do not have to walk around in their heels all day long, as they are almost always chauffeured around. Women have aspirations and idols, such as these celebrities, and when they are pictured in the press looking sexy and glamorous, obviously we want to follow suit. However, I do not agree with an operation for something as farcical as this.

The operation, which involves an injection, is priced at an expensive £350 with the promise of pain release only lasting up to six months. This does not make any sense to me, as there is no point in paying such a huge amount of money for an operation that is not long-lasting. The injection cannot even offer 100 per cent pain release, which makes it seem even more wasteful.

The toes, heels and balls of the feet are injected with dermal fillers that are essentially a cushion for the foot to rest on while walking in heels. However although the operation can offer comfort, it has various side effects. It can eventually cause more pain when walking, and wearing high heels can be bad for posture, which can result in many women having a pot belly. Let’s face it, there will soon be a new craze for tummy tucks.

Charlotte Glen was interviewed, in Look magazine, after she had the operation, but she said that the surgery was worth it to wear killer heels as she works in the fashion industry. I feel that this industry is responsible for many truly obscene trends that affect lives. I love fashion but when it comes to things such as this I draw the line. I would never inject myself or have an operation to benefit the way I look, unless it was absolutely medically necessary. It does worry me about the younger generation, as they are quite possibly the group that are the most easily influenced by what goes on in the media. This new trend could easily affect girls and result in their becoming even more self-conscious about their appearance. I just hope women will think twice before succumbing to the craze.

Celebrities are trendsetters and possibly some of the most influential people who are constantly in the public eye. But should women follow their lead so enthusiastically? I understand women want to look and feel fantastic and if wearing heels allows them to feel great then they should. But to spend such a frivolous amount of money on an operation that does not last seems ridiculous to me.


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